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Get Demotivated 2022 Calendar


Start each day with a laugh and a grimace with the Get Demotivated Calendar.

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Forget about the motivational calendars with their corny quotes and feel-good platitudes. This is the calendar for real life, when it feels like nothing is going well and you need a dose of reality.

This demotivated calendar is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little push in the wrong direction. No cutesy inspirational quotes here – just the cold, harsh facts about life. Each month delivers a blunt and sarcastic bad attitude, guaranteed to brighten your day.

Featuring gorgeous French bulldogs and their humorous, cutting advice, this will make the perfect gift for your friends who are sick of hearing motivational jargon day after day. This is the perfect gift for a coworker or friend who could use a laugh and a reality check to start each day. It’s also good for anyone who wants to feel better about their own life, for example, you!

  • 12 pages of 2022 Calendar. PDF printable
  • Select double-sided printing and pair your months as follows: January on one side of the paper, with December on the back; February with November; March with October; April with September; May with August and June with July.
  • Print all months on the same side first, then the remaining months afterwards.
  • Colors may vary depending on your computer and printer display. The quality of the print depends on your computer and printer.
  • All printables are in PDF format. Download a free reader here:
  • For the best quality prints, use bright white paper (28 – 32 lb).
  • We are not responsible for printing and technical issues. I suggest testing one as a sample and then adjust your print sizes accordingly.
  • No return/refund