April 7, 2023

8 Best Indestructible & Chew-Proof Dog Beds

Are you tired of your dog's torn and battered dog beds? Pet owners can use this resource to find the best dog beds that are indestructible.

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Are you tired of replacing dog beds that your dog has torn to pieces? Are you looking for an indestructible bed to help end the destruction and expensive purchases that come with owning an aggressive chewer? If you have a dog, then you know they're extremely passionate about their beds. No matter how cute or expensive it is, they will be tempted to chew it up. Obviously this can be very frustrating for any dog owner. In this blog, we share our thoughts on why your dog chews, what makes a good chew-proof dog bed and what we think are the 8 best options available on the market.

Why Your Dog Needs A High Quality Bed

Most of us, dog owners, know that dogs really sleep a lot. For us humans, we even invest or even save up to purchase a great mattress. We do this because we sleep half of our lifetime. Thus, your furry friend deserves a new high quality dog bed because they sleep way more than we do!

Choosing the perfect bed for your dog is very important for many reasons. One of which is that heavy-duty dog beds provide them comfort and it is something they can call a safe haven to calm them down and keep them comfortable. It also helps to minimize or even prevent arthritis because a high quality dog bed can protect their joints as they age.

Why dogs chew a lot

Let us all accept the fact that chewing is really a common problem, not just with dogs, but for other animals as well. There are several common reasons why your dog tends to be so destructive and badly wants to chew nearly everything they see, or worse, your new bed purchase.

Teething and curiosity 

One of the reasons why dogs chew a lot is that they are teething and they are very curious to explore. Just like humans, It is a natural part of a dog's growth and development. They feel the urge through their gums and they find relief and comfort when they are able to chew on an object. These may result in seeing your valuables such as shoes, clothes, electronics, etc. being torn shredded into pieces. 

Your dog gets bored too

Another reason to know is that your furry friend might need a little extra attention. Dogs get bored at times, that’s the reason why we are always there for them to know and provide them with what they may need. When they lack attention or something else to do, it can result in them doing other stuff that includes destructive chewing. Choosing the right bed will surely help.

They feel anxious

This doesn’t mean that you don’t let your pooch play on a chew toy. Separation anxiety is one of the leading causes of excessive chewing of dogs. They quickly feel this when pet parents leave their homes for several hours or even just for a few minutes. This can be an innate trait for a dog or was acquired and developed from past experiences.

Choosing the best indestructible dog beds

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best dog beds with durable materials.


Being on the outer layer, it is pretty obvious that this is something to look for when you’re looking for the toughest beds. The fabric plays a huge role in the longevity of a dog bed. The best type of fabric includes faux fur, polyester, microfiber covers, suede, canvas, ripstop nylon, or other heavy synthetic fabrics for the sleeping surface. The fabric material used must be tough enough to resist aggressive chewers or any destructive behavior of a dog, may it be of any size— small dogs or especially dogs with large size.

Zippers and seams

The method of how the bed is put together and created is incredibly important too. You must also take a close look on the quality of the zipper used for the bed and check the seams if they are carefully and properly aligned with no excess threads popping out. It would be best if these parts of the best are hidden well because these usually caught dogs’ attention. 

Bed support

Having a sturdy and durable dog bed that can support any dog size is also a necessity. Getting a bed with quality support not just makes your furry friend comfortable but also helps them to achieve good health. Older dogs or even pups experience joint pain which can result in arthritis and hip dysplasia. Dog beds with memory foam are a great option because of their quality which can relieve dogs’ pressure points. An orthopedic bed is a perfect example of this. 

8 Top Picks Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Beds:

Big Barker Ultra High-quality Dog Bed

This top choice indestructible bed by Big Barker is made to support a large dog and has the best value and great features. This comfortable bed has 7-inch quality foam material for ultimate support for your pooch. As its name describes, this indestructible and chew-proof dog bed comes in 3 different size options large, extra-large, to giant, with 4 different colors to choose from. Their improved memory foam is composed of three levels— the top layer or bed surface which uses 2” H10 comfort foam, the bed core which has 3” H45 support foam, and the bed base with 2” H10 comfort foam. So it is definitely guaranteed that it won’t flatten easily, and they also offer 100% money back when the bed flattens within the next 10 years after purchase. It’s worth every penny as this can be used for a long time. 

Elevated Steel-Framed Dog Bed by Frisco

Frisco also offers this tough bed that your pooch will definitely love. It is an elevated chew-proof bed so your pooch will enjoy its rest on an air cushion rather than be situated on hard or solid ground. The powder-coated metal frames come with a perfect fit and durable polyester material. Due to the tight form and foundation of the bed, tough dogs or heavy chewers can be prevented. This indestructible dog bed has different sizes, from 35-51 inches long, so it is made for dogs of any size—smaller breeds or even big dogs. However, you need to watch out for the screws because they might lose their grip which needs to be tightened immediately for your dog’s safety.

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed, slide 3 of 6

Elevated Chew-proof Kuranda Dog Bed 

This elevated chew-resistant dog bed has a sturdy and quality frame that can support up to 100 pounds. For its chewing resistance feature, it is made of durable canvas-like fabric, so your dog will  not enjoy chewing on such material. The bed is also very easy to assemble and clean. This 7-inch long durable bed stands about 5 inches tall, and you have the option to buy a separate pad for added comfort.

Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed by K9 Ballistics

A great product made by K9 Ballistics is their strong orthopedic dog bed. Aside from chewing, other destructive dog behaviors like nibbling, digging, and scratching can be held well by this bed. The Kevlar-like fabric cover of this bed is machine washable and can also prevent the accumulation of grime, dirt, and odors. This bed can be the best choice for adult dogs. Made with a high-quality foam mattress, this bed can definitely give your dog the comfort that he needs. It has a carefully formulated CertiPUR-USA foam, so this bed can provide ultimate support for very light to very heavy dogs. K9 Ballistics’ standard 120-day warranty offer means product replacement which can only be utilized once.

Memory Foam Dog Bed by PetFusion

If you’re looking for an indestructible dog bed that offers ultimate comfort at the same time, this could be the best pick for you. This memory foam dog bed by PetFusion comes in different sizes from 25 to 50 inches long. This water-resistant bed has quality cotton and polyester materials which makes this bed hold very well when your pooch is in the mood to chew. It has a removable cover that can be easily detached, so it can be cleaned easily in a washing machine. It has raised sides for your dog’s added support or headrest while they sleep. One of the weak points this bed has is that it may be a bit expensive, but the quality will definitely give you a run for your money. 

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Memory Foam Dog Bed by Dogbed4less

Another great choice is this dog bed with memory foam offered by Dogbed4less. It has two cases, first is the internal breathable liner for the shredded foam, the outer layer is a waterproof and machine washable tough denim fabric. This bed is not rated as indestructible but most pet owners’ reviews say otherwise. It is said to have survived aggressive chewers of large breeds therefore it deserves a spot on the list of indestructible dog beds. This orthopedic joint reliever bed can support size small, medium, to extra large dogs. 

Carhartt Tough & Durable Dog Bed

Making it to the list is this efficient dog bed by Carhartt. This bed is made from durable cotton canvas which promises to resist years of chomping, wet paws, and digging. It is very easy to clean because of its water-repellent coating. This bed is carefully put together with triple-stitch seams and a brass zipper which makes it machine washable. The plush sherpa top layer gives your pooch added comfort and security. Another feature this bed has is the fully removable polyester fiber-filled cushion which makes it more convenient to use.

Chew Resistant Dog Bed by Slumber Pet 

Last, but definitely not least, is Slumber Pet’s chew-resistant dog bed. What makes it tough and chew-proof is the polyester ripstop fabric with double-stitched seams and reinforced concerns for added strength and durability. This bed also holds well in a washing machine which makes it hassle-free for you to clean. But just take note that it doesn’t have extra seams sewn across the base of the bed, so always be on the lookout for aggressive chewers. If you’re into traveling this bed can fit well in crates which makes it easy to carry.

Key Takeaway

The bottom line is that dogs deserve good things, too. This means you need a good, solid dog bed for your pooch. The Big Barker Ultra High-quality Dog Bed is the most durable bed on our list and definitely worth investing in because of its great value and features that are made to support large breeds of dogs. If you are an owner of a dog that loves to hang out on your patio then the Elevated Chew-proof Kuranda Dog Bed will fit your dog's need. But if you are on a tight budget and still want to have a good quality bed then I recommend Chew Resistant Dog Bed by Slumber Pet.