June 29, 2022

Top 10 Best Calming Dog Beds in 2022

If you’re looking for dog beds that are designed to calm a dog down, this is the guide for you. Each bed comes with its own set of benefits and may work best in different circumstances. Like any good bed, they should be

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Anxiety disorders are common in both humans and dogs, and many pet owners have purchased unique beds meant to ease their pets' stress. If your dog suffers from anxiety, a bed specifically designed to help that condition may be much more effective than an ordinary bed. If loud noises easily spook your dog, a calming bed may help.

I know what it's like to worry about your dog's anxiety. I thought I'd write a guide to help you find the best calming dog beds. Read on to find out which dog beds have been the most helpful to owners of anxious dogs.

How Important Are Calming Dog Beds?

Dog Resting | Top 10 Best Calming Dog Beds in 2022

Dog parents’ sleep needs are just as important as those of their dogs. If you, as dog parents, need a good night’s sleep, so does your dog. Much like any of us, most dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. They do enjoy it. Being given a hug by a loved one is one way to be cheered up; cuddling and snuggling with your furry pal and sleeping together on your bed are the other best ways. We all get that, but your dog needs a comfortable bed or a safe place of his own for better deep sleep and relaxation.

A dog’s sleep behavior can tell a lot about his health and happiness. Investing in an excellent calming dog bed will make your pooch chilling in high spirits. Best dog beds may also ease joint pain for older dogs. It is also important that these beds are made of carefully chosen materials and are designed to fit your dog’s size perfectly to help them for a complete unwinding and relaxation experience plus a restful sleep.

Choosing an excellent calming bed for your dog

Dog Laying in Bed | Top 10 Best Calming Dog Beds in 2022

Several factors will help you know if a dog bed is of good quality or can be noted as the best bed for your pet dog.

The height of the dog bed’s edge/side frame: It is important that these walls are high enough because it affects the calming quality your dog gets. These raised edges give your dog ultimate safe havens whenever they feel anxious and tired.

Fabric made of soft materials: There is a range of materials used for calming dog beds. There are varieties of long or short fur options that you can choose from. It will give your pooch the full relaxation experience if you choose a bed that has soft fabric materials.

Cushioned base: Just like humans, soft surfaces allow your dog to rest better. When they are situated on a crib with a hard base, they tend to remain alert to their surroundings and find it hard to relax. With the sophisticated technological process of creating a dog bed out of foam cushions and materials makes it very important.

Does it really calm your dog?

Dog Sleeping | Top 10 Best Calming Dog Beds in 2022

Ever wonder how your dogs feel whenever you leave them in the house? They do get a little bit upset sometimes and experience separation anxiety, and having a bed that anxious dogs can snuggle themselves into might ease their anxiety and help them to calm down in stressful situations. 

Ultimate question is, does calming pet beds really work? The short answer is yes. It is scientifically proven that calming dog beds can work to ease dogs’ anxiety and calm them when they are incorporated or equipped with the important and needed parts to have an effect on your furry fella, but the reality is all calming dog beds are not made equally.

It is very difficult to choose the right bed for your pooch, considering the vast options on the market nowadays. But choosing the right one will definitely make a difference. Buying the most expensive ones doesn’t necessarily equate to buying the best, but you must note that it is important not to purchase the cheapest options which can affect the quality of the bed that will eventually make you replace it sooner or later.

Now for some good news, let’s take a look at some of the top picks and best calming dog bed or anti-anxiety dog bed models on the market that can help you decide which one to buy for your furry friend.

Here are the top 10 best calming dog beds

Calming Donut Dog Bed By San Frenchie

This donut-shaped calming dog bed by San Frenchie gives your best friend a bed that’s as comforting and carefree as they are. It has available six sizes for dogs up to 110 pounds, so this bed can be for smaller dogs or larger size dogs. This dog bed is lined with AirLoft materials and is composed of durable vegan shag fur with an anti-slip silicone, grips on the bottom fabric to keep the bed in place. The whole bed can also be cleaned in a washing machine but on a gentle cycle. This Donut Calming Bed is available in a number of wonderful natural hues, and its basic patterns go with almost any type of home decor.

Calming Donut Dog Bed | Top 10 Best Calming Dog Beds in 2022

Calming Dog Bed by Western Home

By far this has great value. It has three different sizes and seven colors you can choose from. Compared to the first one, this option has an increased stuffing composition. Made with high-quality soft materials, this dog bed is also waterproof, anti-skid, dirt-resistant, and has bolstered edges. Although this dog bed is not a good option for large dogs, the fibers of the bed may tangle after washing if air-dried.

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Dog Bed

This calming dog bed is the most recommended or the best calming bed out there. It comes with two-color and three-size variations. It has self-heating and soft materials, and bolstered edges all the way around. This soft dog bed also has orthopedic filling and is washer and dryer safe with a water-resistant base. Overall, this bed is made of pet-safe materials. There’s only one disadvantage— the cover is not removable.

Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed - Curve White by PupRug

PupRug’s Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed is another great option for you. It comes in two styles and ten different colors. It can be seen as a rug, but a more attractive one. This bed is guaranteed not to flatten for 10 long years. It is made of premium and pressure-relieving, and a non-slip memory foam base. Memory foam linear is also waterproof. Its ultra-soft and plush faux fur cover can be removed for easier washing. 

Calming Donut Dog Bed by HACHIKITTY

This donut shaped calming dog bed by Hachikitty is the premium and another great choice. It has available three sizes for dogs up to 85 pounds, so this bed can be for smaller dogs or medium size dogs. This dog bed with a circular design is made of one of the common features which are bolstered edges with soft filling, an anti-skid base, and soft faux fur high-quality materials. The whole bed can also be cleaned in a washing machine but on a gentle cycle, and with its round shape, the pillow can be detached. To achieve longevity of usage, manufacturers recommend handwashing, and better if air-dried.

Orthopedic Round Nest Bed by Furhaven

Furhaven’s orthopedic round nest bed is definitely one of the best options. This orthopedic dog bed has the feature of having a foldable frame that can be turned into a tented cave making it a dual-purpose bed. With its cover, it creates a sense of security for your pooch. This bed is made of soft materials and comes with a removable cover which makes it machine washable. But make sure not to remove or lose the plastic frame for the hood to stay up. 

Calming Dog Bed by Nononfish

This calming dog bed by Nononfish has four available sizes and eleven colors you can choose from. It also comes with a matching fleece blanket for each bed purchase. This bed is made of soft faux material with a non-skid, waterproof, and dirt-resistant bottom. It can be machine washed and tumble dried. Although the cover and center pillow are not removable, this bed has a feature that allows your dog to sink into the crevice of the bed. 

Memory Foam Bolster Bed & Topper by PupLounge

This Memory Foam Bolster Bed & Topper by PupLounge is the first of its own because it has an interchangeable ultra-soft faux fur topper and memory foam bed system. For larger breeds, it has a 4-inch memory foam base while a 2-inch memory foam base for dogs with smaller sizes. This bed is made of durable and tear-resistant cover, waterproof memory foam, and is designed with supportive bolsters to support your dog’s spine and neck when resting. The topper and bed cover are machine washable but not the memory foam. 

Faux Suede Cave Dog Bed by Sleep Zone

This cave dog bed offered by Sleep Zone is best and it is designed for anxious pups who also love to burrow. It is made of faux suede, soft plush material, and 100% recycled polyfill materials that can be machine washed. This is typically suggested for small breeds. But note that there is no built-in frame to hold the opening open, it is only available in one size, it does not have a non-skid base, is not a good option, and is not the right size for big or larger dogs.

Memory Foam Dog Bed - Brown Faux Cowhide by PupRug™

Give your dog the luxury they deserve while helping prevent future health problems with the PupRug Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed - Brown Faux Cowhide. This bed is designed using high-quality shredded memory foam that takes the shape of your dog's body to relieve pressure on joints and sore muscles while offering maximum comfort and support. Its soft and plush faux fur cover adds a touch of elegance to any room and is durable enough to withstand regular use. It also features a waterproof liner, which helps keep moisture out so you can easily clean it when needed. The entire bed is machine washable for convenience. Select from two sizes to find the perfect fit for your pup! Junior beds measure 16" x 24", while original beds measure 26" x 40".

Key takeaway

Choosing a calming dog bed for your pup can allow you to relax, knowing that your pet is comfortable. The best overall option is the Donut Calming Bed from San Frenchie Store for its fluffy long vegan fur makes it the soothing, cozy place for your furry friend to curl up, stretch out, and completely relax. If you’re looking for a bed that will fit your budget and still of high quality, the Calming Dog Bed by Nononfish would be a great choice. But if you are planning to spend more money on a bed for your dog, the Memory Foam Dog Bed - Brown Faux Cowhide by PupRug™ is the ideal option. This bed offers maximum comfort and support using high-quality memory foam that adapts to your dog's body shape.

After all, if you’re trying to choose a dog bed for your pup, the market can be overwhelming. Your dog’s preferences are unique, and it may take some trial and error to find the right bed. Although finding the best dog bed for your canine friend can be a challenge, you may find that going through the process of narrowing down your options will ultimately help make both of your lives easier. As you shop for a bed, focus on what features matter most to your dog.